Why Sell with a REALTOR®?

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The time has now come to consider selling you property and you’ve heard that real estate agents charge a hefty commission for the sale of your home. No only is that not necessarily the case and on top of that there is a lot of value that a quality REALTOR® can add to the sale of your property: 

Marketing: This goes beyond throwing a listing on MLS and putting up a sign on the lawn. A quality REALTOR® is proactive, does demographic and neighbourhood research and directly targets the most likely would-be buyers as well as their agents and their network directing interested and qualified traffic towards your property. When listing a property, strategy is key and without a strategy your property could be sitting on the market for quite some time. A quality REALTOR® also knows what price to put and help advise you based on market value and comparable sales as well as the way that the market is trending.

Negotiating: The right realtor will have built up strong negotiating skills. Emotion in many cases can override logic causing you to make mistakes when trying to negotiate your own property so a neutral third-party with the right skill set can make a huge difference in the final sale price. 

Save money v.s making money: Do you want to save money or make money? A real estate professional can help you earn top dollar and in a lot of cases cover their fee through their marketing and negotiating plus extra on top. It’s all about mindset, having an abundance mentality by hiring a professional and earning more. When it comes to saving money v.s making money and having that mentality in falls in the same category when you’re buying a property and when you’re selling a property. There is a lot more to selling a property than meets the eye and just as you would before hiring a REALTOR® before buying, it’s equally as important to interview a few different agents to see which one’s the best fit for you and your property.

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