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What is the purpose of a Buyer’s visit? Well a Buyer’s visit is just a walkthrough after you purchased a property  before you formally close on the property. The purpose of the walk through is just to visit the property a couple more times to get a good idea of how everything looks, how things are coming along and to ensure that there are no surprises that come up after closing. Somethings you are going to want to look out for are:

  • This is NOT a home inspection, a home inspection is typically done either before the house has been listed or as a condition in the offer. That being said if the seller agreed to repairs depending on the nature of the repairs it may be wise to bring a qualified home inspector along to ensure the work has been done correctly.

  • Make sure everything works: Turn on all taps, flush toilets, test light switches/outlets, window cranks, garage door remotes and any other functional aspects  to the house to ensure they are all working well.

  • Take note of any issues that you may come across. If you see any part of the house that is broken and that wasn’t the case when you made the purchase be sure to take a picture and have this reported to the seller in order to have it remedied.

The Buyer visits provide an opportunity to ensure there are no surprises after closing, I always recommend that buyers to book their final walk through a day or two before closing to ensure there is a minimal risk of surprise.

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