Selling Your Home in Winter

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Selling your home in winter has it’s own advantages. Primarily you will not be competing with same number of inventory levels as you otherwise would in the Spring, Summer or Fall markets and this is a pretty big advantage. Understandably the weather does deter some buyers but due to the overwhelming demand for GTA real estate there are ALWAYS active buyers even for the market’s least sought after property types. If you are planning on on listing in winter I would consider the following points to help draw in buyers.



Clear the snow off driveways and walkways! – Taking buyers out for showings in winter is always that much more pleasant. Keep these areas clear to ensure a strong winter curb appeal as well.


Maintain a flexible closing date. Although there are buyers looking at real estate at all times of the year, moving in the winter is not everyones first choice. If you do plan on listing in winter be sure to maintain flexibility when it comes to the closing date.


Keep it clean! Winter means snow, salt and slush are easily tracked into the home. Be sure to keep the interior of the home as clean as possible and request buyers to ALWAYS remove their shoes when viewing the property.

It’s common for sellers to think of the Fall or Spring market as the best time to sell and they have a point there are a lot of buyers that are out there looking in those two times of the year but if you do list in Winter just know there is a strong demand pool out there and if you do list in Winter you are not competing with everyone else who has that same mindset that Spring and Fall are the best times to list so you will have a distinct advantage.

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