Avoiding Cold Feet

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First off it’s extremely important to understand that having the feeling of buyer’s remorse or getting cold feet as a buyer can happen to anyone who has just recently purchased a property. And what does this look like, what are some ways we can cope?


The feeling of overpaying – The most common thought that runs through new buyer’s minds is: Did I just pay too much for this home? It’s important to understand that numbers don’t lie and comparable sales will indicate the current values.


Thoughts of worst-case scenarios; trusting that you were properly prepared prior to even viewing homes comes from the level of insight your real estate professional provides to ensure that preparation. It’s also important to understand there will always be an element of risk, it’s important to manage the amount of risk as it will not be entirely eliminated.


Remember your initial reasoning; It’s important to understand your initial thought process for making this purchase, this was typically made from a logical standpoint with less emotional thinking involved.Having the right team in your corner can help quell a lot of these feelings and it’s important to be open with your real estate professional and let them know your feelings as well. 

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